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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  March 23, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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$7500 in order to acquire him for the police department. ingo's owner will be facing animal cruelty charges in monterey county. he lives in salinas, he was allowed to keep ingo. the dog is playful and energetic bonding with sargeant sanders. sthe say he displays instincts of a working police dog, he expects to be rewarded for his obedience, signs bode well for recovery. >> it's a hard road when you have a dog that thin. you know? physically, to give that dog back to where it needs to be to a good, happy dog takes a toll on the animal. you couldn't tell today, he's just so happy. >> officials expect ingo will be put up for adoption. recovery is going great they say the process will be a slow one. >> thank you and a shocking
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discovery by a 12-year-old girl. bodies of murdered family found in her san francisco home. five bodies found before 8:00 this morning in a house near city college. her parents, brother and brother's wife, all killed. a fifth person was not a relative. the police chief fwhot confirm there was a murder suicide but said no one sells in danger. >> i want to assure the public we don't believe there is anyone at large and that is going to look to do random acts. we believe this was specific to this residence. >> police are trying to determine how victims were killed and say two of them were shot. the victim's identities have not been leased. the house belongs to a software engineer working in emeryville. >> fbi is now deeply involved in a case of a missing teen from santa clara county disappearing one week ago today there is an evidence ban in the driveway at the home of
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sierra lamar. >> the fbi has its mobile evidence response team here at the home. and an fbi spokesperson tells me evidence gathering here is routine, and they're assisting the santa clara county sheriff's office which is still the lead agency in this indication. the fbi is retracing sierra lamar's every move before her disappearance this, morning that brought a dozen agents to the intersection where the 15-year-old catches a school bus every morning until friday. >> do you come true here every day? >> agents interviewed where her purse and clothing were discovered on sunday. and luis never saw her before her picture and answered questions about 10 minutes. >> we start at 7:00 a.m.
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and that day we didn't work on that field. you know? so maybe it was hoping we'll see everything. >> everyone wants to help. there are 8 homes where she lives with her mom, every neighbor allowed fbi to do a thorough search of the property. >> there is another four, five six guys walked n. >> there are some friends making ribbons like this out of her favorite combination of hot pink and black. hundreds passed out to withheld on sunday. >> there is an idea from gina who helped with the laci peterson case. she wanted to help us make ribbon autos some of her high school classmates are coping with painful wait by making
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tee shirts and setting up a reward fund. >> this is hard, every day we wonder if she's okay. so every day, this is harder. >> her mom left the house more than an hour ago, with mark klaus whose daughter was kidnapped and killed in 19946789 mark told me by phone he and marlene are going to set up a center in morgan hill. >> and there is daily city, police hoping someone will help them identify a man hanging around a bathroom in an elementary school. spotted at george washington elementary. and there police describe him with short black hair and a
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bald spot wearing long white shorts carrying a red and white umbrella. a sunnyvale youth soccer coach is accused of sexual assaulting a 13-year-old girl. the 36-year-old taken into custody after police investigated complaints about the girl's father. >> the wife of suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi heading back home to venezuela. according to documents she received permission to take her 3-year-old son theo to visit her sick father. mirkarimi began domestic violence counseling yesterday after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of false imprison many. -- imprisonment. >> a former fugitive from justice wanted for a shootout with south san francisco
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police 44 years ago was sentenced today. the 67-year-old seen here when turning himself in last year faced five years in prison. he was sentenced to a year in jail skb given properation and a fine. and he'd been on the run working as a college counselor in michigan a decade. and charges of murder in the shooting death of a san francisco police sargeant in 1971 were dropped last year. >> there is california's economic rate did not budge, reporting that the jobless rate held a 10.9%, officials say the state added 4,000 jobs, california adding 333,000 jobs since it began in september, 2009. and there is a nuchl of unemployed remains above two million. america's cup race has a few
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less hands after race organizer as announced staff cuts today. 28 employees got the news this morning. half cuts in san francisco, others in offices around the world. all positions were administration or it. and there is helping finalize an agreement scaling down the event. organizers say the race take s places in 2013. >> state senator leelandy wants employers to stop asking applicants for pass twordz social media sites and introduced legislation today to prevent that practice. >> in this economy, sometimes it takes more than just a resume or experience to get hired. most people say they're
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uncomfortable giving their pass words. and ashley says the demand is ridiculous. >> i don't want anyone in my business at all. >> and asking for pass words is becoming a trend. many people are unemployed companies feel they can be picky and want to know more about candidates. a facebook account could have unflattering pictures from vegas or information about recreational drug use. >> this is a form of dough yergs. >> desperate job seekers may feel obligated. >> when it comes to taking care of a family that is the highest priority. and a lot of us would pryor ties that. >> the state senator says that is not right and introduced legislation banning companies and agencies in california from asking applicants for
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pass words uk not violate my privacy saying i need that information. and this seems more prifl lent in law enforcement. >> we just ask for access. >> those who do not ask for pass words ask to be friended and denying access raises questions. >> there is a red flag. we want to see why? is there something you're hiding? >> facebook does not approve for anyone asking for pass words telling users you should never have to do anything that could violate privacy of your friends. >> and facebook saying it might help to ask for proposals or initiate legal action fro detective its
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users. >> thank you. calling a government health mandate a violation of religious freedom a group of people rallied in san francisco and across the country today, requiring companies and organizations to provide contraception. >> this is a cause and that is the reason we're here, we feel we should be free to live out our lives and the government should not be able to dictate that to us. >> the mandate part of president obama's health care plan. >> and coming up, the mistaken identity suspect in the brian stow beating case speaks up. >> my heart goes out to the family. >> two messages one for the stow family, another for lapd.
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>> i'm sandhya patel. there is nice today but changing for the weekend. >> thank you. >> and your odds of winning tonight's megamillions growing by the millions since the end of january.
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army staff sargeant has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder charged with 12 other counts and his trial will be held in his home base in washington state. experts say it could be years before he is in court given complexity of the case and lodgistics of bringing in eye witnesses from afghanistan. >> the man initially arrested if a brutal beating of brian stow wants an apology. he was arrested in early
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morning raid on n.may accused of beating stow opening day. police arrested two other men and cleared ramez. he spent months in jail for a parole violation. now he's out and he is speaking up. and he thinks the police department owes him an apology. >> i'm very up pet. -- upset. i am. >> my heart goes out to his family. i hold nothing against them he suffered traumatic brain jury and a -- injury. >> the former rutgers university student convicted of a hate crime for spying on a gay roommate's date is talking about it for the first time in an interview with abc news, he insisted he did not act out of hate when set up a wab cam to spy on his roommate and he says he has regrets and did thing that's were wrong
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but insists did he not bully clemente. >> i think he just didn't like talking to people. i don't think he's because gay he's fragile and can't deal with anything. >> how can he not be fragile and jumped off the bridge? >> you can watch the djr├▒ed on 2020 at 10:00. >> money needed to repair aging transportations lake bart are in jeopardy. some parts can only be found on ebay. officials invited congress to see just how dire this situation is for bart. >> this is 40e-year-old cars not many of us are driving 40-year-old cars to work. >> we have to have new train that's have to be built in america. they need to be made in america. and there are plans for train
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buzz sit five years away. current funding will run out at the end of the month. >> the former owner of a food processing company entered a guilty plea today to racketeering and admitted bribing customers to buy tomatoes from his company arks loug to it drive up prices around the world. >> consumers who purchased and consumed items made with his misrepresent prod ducts. >> he is expected to receive a four to seven year prison term when being sentenced and he remains free on $6 million bail. >> there is something to think about. what would you do with $290
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million? that is the age largest jackpot in the game's history. it's been rolling over since january 24th and could reach about $350 million if there is a winner that isn't picked tonight. >> you just think of the things you can have and can do and stop working. >> two $5 quick picks for the big jackpot today. i don't want to win because i'm afraid that have money. aren't you? >> and no, no. >> i'll get over the fear. >> your odds of picking winning numbers are about one in 176 million. and so good like. >> first thing you need to do is with buy a diamond-encrusted umbrella. >> great advice.
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>> there is no escaping rain. there sta storm going to keep news a wet pattern, it's gorgeous out there. there are clouds going through. high temperatures with 67 degrees. looking across the bay, you can see sutro camera there. there are clouds beginning to gather there is some rain. you'll notice there is some moisture getting picked up in clouds here and none reaching the ground here plokally. there is mildest readings in inland east bay and south bay, here are the highlights. clouds tonight, a rainy cool weekend and active pattern going stay with us next week. so there is a storm we're
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watching with the cold air, moisture with it. and so it's a rainy weekend if you have outdoor plans you'll need rain gear and umbrellas. clouds tonight. vapszing this computer animation tonight, still just clouds and there is going to be wet for saturday morning and could see snow. there is a cold front just going to stall out here and then, will be moving away there is a front moving out. we can see rain switching over to showers sunday afternoon and into evening hours, just a few lingering showers sunday night. there is from three quarters to an inch and a half. one to two inches into north way.
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south bay a half an inch to an inch. there is wet tomorrow morning and make sure have you umbrellas, temperatures into 50s, tomorrow afternoon, you'll need rain gear as well. numbers cooler and we're looking at mainly low to mid-50s well below where you should be at this time of the year. there is temperatures 56 degrees for new salinas, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is rain and showers for sunday, there is a cool weekend into 50s there and a another storm bringing rain back tuesday and there is a chance of showers wednesday and there is a where you can see an active pattern.
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temperatures running milder next week. this weekend, cool and wet and stay inside if you don't have to run out and around in the rain. >> tennis anyone? up next a finney's friday free stuff helping kids get into the game. >> and there is why improvements not coming fast enough. we'll be right back here. c
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this is going to be fun. weekend is here. we want to start off right for you yes. there is kids' tennis stuff. notice it's smaller and light. check out this ball. it's... moving so your kids can learn how to play. there is 40th worth of stuff. there is tennis, ball, and then, membership a free one year junior usta membership and racket. this is for 6-10-year-olds get in on this. everyone who has done this loved this. >> this is a sport you can play for live. >> you can learn to play with this. >> this is a againus gift. >> okay. >> so is that and there is a out of conservatory of flowers,
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isn't that a beautiful place? there is a play land by the sea. you'll see hundreds of trolleys and more. there is just stunning with a $14 value. you'll take it with two tickets. and there is is how easy to get or you can log on abc 7 while you're there go to michael finney's consumer blog. there are three additional yimts one is a disney collectible. >> thank you. >> and check out this stage manager there. >> there is more just ahead. >> and there ir
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bay area unemployment picture why companies are reluctant to hire. and also, putting iphones and ipads to the test. michael finney will be back to find out what happened to them when you drop them. >> this is coming up at 6:00. >> i've done that. >> a swiss jeweler created a ring made out of bling. >> it's wild. the 150 carat sparkler cut from a single diamond. >> the jeweler calls this the world's first all-diamond ring and the company had to buy a special laser for the band. >> how much sit worth? $70 million


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